Fresh fruits and vegetables
for 40% more time

Slows down the
ripening process

Healthier and fresh
for a longer time


Suitable for use in


Maintains optimal
glucose levels

Suitable for use inside or outside refrigerators

How does BEfresh work?

BEfresh absorbs ethylene gas that is naturally released by fruits and vegetables and causes ripening.
It is a non-invasive and highly safe system that does not affect the natural cycle of perishable products, preserving their flavor and aroma. Currently used by ecological farmers (suitable for ecological farming).


BEfresh sachets are the perfect solution for ethylene and contaminant removal.

  • 100 % Tyvek with double-sided absorption.
  • High air permeability.
  • Highly resistant to humidity.
  • Safe for food contact.
  • High security seals.
  • Highest absorption in the market(granulated BEfresh+).
  • 90 days.

What is Ethylene?

Ethylene is a hormone in the form of a gas which is produced naturally by all plants. This hormone regulates the processes associated with the ripening and senescence of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

25 years of experience endorse our quality

BEfresh Home and BEfresh Technology are commercial brands that belong to Kerako Ceramic Technologies. They are part of a corporate group with more than 25 years of experience. The core of their expertise is based on offering innovative solutions for air purification for the industry, logistics and home applications contributing to a more sustainable development.


The business group was formed in 1991 with the creation of the company Famatel and Keraco, specializing in the manufacture of low-voltage electrical products and technical ceramics.


Our production line manufacturing system, featuring state-of-the-art machinery, allows us to guarantee a fast and efficient service in response to market demand.


A key element of our business policy is based on establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient Quality Control Programme in all the company’s departments and processes.